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Thank you for the wonderful workshops – I was nervous beforehand but everyone was friendly and it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one that was struggling with problems. Since the workshops I have been using the tools and skills I learned and am now able to cope with situations much better and feel confident about the future.”

Bill, Cheshire. UK

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“As a director of a fostering agency, I employed Jackie’s services as a trainer.Her delivery was always efficient, effective, dynamic, and informative. Feedback from delegates was always positive and many looked forward to her training sessions time and time again.”

O Boland, Suffolk.

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"Jackie’s presentation is excellent, she delivers precise information, blended with examples of life stories, and humour. The exercises are so enlightening – I’ve discovered so much about myself!”

Jenny, Buckinhamshire.

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The Following Workshops are Taking
Place During 2013

and held at La Platriere Retreat in France

Information on the Living In The Moment Workshop
Information on the Couples Weekend Retreat

Living in the Moment Workshop

Increase your awareness as you re-connect with your inner self and nature discovering harmony and balance. 4 days - 5 nights - Meditational Walking Workshops held at La Platriere Retreat, France

  • Gain a sense of yourself within your own body as you walk by the lakes in the Troncais Forest
  • Tune into yourself and become aware of how you fit in with nature and your surroundings
  • Breathe in the fresh air of the Auvergne - known as the “green lung of France”
  • Learn how to quiet the constant chatter in your head, and enjoy the sense of peace from within
  • Notice and become aware of the moment - what you see, hear,  and feel
  • Experience the physical, how you interpret through your 5 senses
  • Feel grounded in creation and nature
  • Uncover your inner resources and receive peace, inspiration and wisdom
  • Opportunities for reflection, relaxation and sharing with others
  • Learn how to de-stress and relax
  • Learn how to capture the moment and enhance your memory of it
  • Regain wholeness

Experience the open space which the Auvergne is known for and develop the practice of mindful walking. Mindful or meditational walking is an excellent way of learning to be present or conscious of the moment, which will increase your ability to take awareness back into your daily life. In this busy modern world we live in, most people feel they do not have enough time leftover in the day to be quiet and still their mind. They may even understand the value of meditation, but when they’ve tried it, all they end up doing is thinking about all the things they must do… and these intrusive thoughts get in the way of meditating.

This is where meditational walking comes into its own. Most able-bodied people walk everyday of their life - even if it’s just from the house to the car. Mindful walking as a meditational practice is an excellent way to squeeze meditation into your day, for once you’ve experienced the benefits and insights, and learned how to do it - you can do it anytime you are walking.

When your body is in movement, it is easier to be aware of it than when you are sitting still as in traditional meditation. In giving your body this attention you become intensely aware of your 5 physical senses - what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. This expands your awareness on all fronts… your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as you re-connect with your inner self and your surroundings.

Modern every day living consists of a bombardment of your senses, with every external thing clamouring for your attention. The glossy magazines, shop windows and TV commercials can tempt you into thinking that materialism brings happiness. Sadly so many people seek satisfaction outside of themselves, constantly striving to be more beautiful, cleverer and have more things. Constant bombardment of the physical senses fragments our inner self and we feel unfulfilled, and almost without realising it seek further external stimulation in an attempt to find true happiness and fulfilment. This leads to a cycle that continues to go round and round going nowhere.


The ‘living in the moment’ workshops are a combination of experiential group teaching and discussions and outdoor meditational walking amongst the lakes and forest of Troncais, where you’ll learn how to de-fragment your mind and regain wholeness.

During the retreat you will enjoy the healing energy and peace that this place offers. You will expand your inner self as you uncover your true thoughts, feelings and insight, and become more aware of your mind, body and spirit as you become more integrated and whole bringing with it the benefit of feeling content and fulfilled.


Living in the Moment’ Workshop Retreat Includes:

  • One Indian head massage
  • All meals, including meal at local auberge sampling extremely good local French cuisine to tantalize your taste buds
  • Forest and lake meditational walks
  • Relaxation session
  • De-stress session
  • Individual and group discussion
  • Room with private ensuite (shared or own room basis)

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival day. After settling in you will have an afternoon group meeting, with introductory talk covering what will happen over the next few days and your first experience of mindful walking.  Aperitifs and Dinner. Followed by group gathering and deep breathing awareness session.

Day 2 - After an early breakfast you will experience your first walk in the Forest of Troncais. Walking meditation session in the forest. Deep relaxation session by the lake. Lunch at auberge. Afternoon spent relaxing at La Platriere, meeting our furry friends and time by the pool (weather permitting).  Some will have their massage session. Dinner. Group gathering and de-stress session.

Day 3 - After breakfast Reflection session. After lunch - Walking meditational session. During the day some will have their massage session. Dinner. Group gathering - Relaxation session.

During September workshop there will be a walk in the evening in the forest just before dark to hear the belling of the deer.

Day 4 - After breakfast Reflection session. Followed by meditational walking in forest and lakeside. Lunch. Arriving back at La Platriere late afternoon. Some will have their massage session. Dinner. Group Gathering.

Day 5 - This is where it all comes together. After breakfast - Awareness meditation. Individual sessions and group gathering.  Meditational walk. Dinner. Group Gathering.

Day 6 - Departure Day. Breakfast.

What to bring:

Comfortable casual clothes according to season. Swimming gear (summer season). Good walking shoes. Sun screen.

Calendar of workshop dates for 2013:

Monday 17  June - Saturday 22 June
Monday 16 September - Saturday 21 September

Payment Details:

Your investment of 595€ or £ Sterling per person (shared basis) or 795€ per person with own room. Deposit of 200 euros/£ is required on booking. Please contact Jackie for full details and availability by completing the form above …

Couples Weekend Retreat

Co-create your Dream Relationship into a RealityCouples only 2- day workshop at La Platriere Retreat, France

Do you have a dream relationship and wonder why its’ not happening?
Do you fear that one day you or your partner will fall out of love?
Has the person you met and fell in love with changed for the worse?
Are you hurting in your relationship with your partner?
Do you wonder where the romance has gone?
Do you need to know how to solve conflict in your relationship?
Do you wonder what has happened to those feelings of romantic love that was once such a part of your relationship?
Do you want to improve communication in your relationship?
Do you yearn for a deep, intimate, fulfilling relationship?

This Weekend Retreat is the perfect getaway for every couple who wants to gain insight into how they can create a deeply satisfying, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with their partner. The 2-day workshops are not only ideal for couples who are struggling in their relationship, but also for those who have just met, as it teaches you how to communicate more effectively so that you understand your partner clearly and enables you both to deal with the conflict that inevitably occurs at some point in a relationship.

This transformational workshop takes place in an idyllic setting, at La Platriere, in the Auvergne, in France, where you’ll not only receive new learning and new skills, but will have a chance to be away from all the everyday stresses that impose on your relationship.

La Platriere has 5 guest rooms, so space on workshops are limited to just 5 couples. Between workshop sessions, you can relax, or swim in our sparkling clean pool (weather permitting), or explore the region and local towns, taking home bargains of wine and cheese

A Couples Weekend Retreat will help you as a couple to learn the skills to:

  • Rekindle the romance and passion in your relationship
  • Transform conflicts into opportunities for deeper understanding and connection
  • See your relationship in exciting new ways with renewed hope to fulfill its potential
  • Remember who you were when you first met and fall in love all over again
  • Heal hurts from the past and resolve long-standing issues
  • Communicate effectively
  • Take your relationship to the next level of intimacy

As well as learning new skills you’ll also benefit from;

  • A safe environment in which to explore your relationship
  • Find fun ways to improve your relationship
  • Making  a good relationship to an even better one

What your Couples Weekend Retreat Includes:

  • Two full days of workshops and teaching with Jackie Hill, Psychotherapist and counsellor
  • An in depth questionnaire study about your relationship issues before you arrive
  • Opportunities for individuals couples coaching over the weekend.
  • All course materials
  • Accommodation with private ensuite at La Platriere Retreat.
  • Evening meal and introductory talk on day of arrival
  • 3 breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
  • 2 lunches with beverages (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 3 evening meals (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Refreshments throughout weekend
  • FreeE-mail and telephone support with Jackie following the retreat for two weeks.

Calendar of workshop dates 2013.

31 May – 3 June 2013

Payment Details:

Your investment of 525 Euros or £ Sterling per couple. Deposit of 200 euros is required on booking. Please contact Jackie for full details and availability by completing the form above




Success and happiness,

Jackie Hill, Psychotherapist & Trainer

PS: Please Email Jackie if you have any questions about any of the programmes or information on this website – I’m here for you, and my desire is for you to achieve the success you deserve and become the master of your own destiny.


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